iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Kit and Repair Guide


If your iPhone 6 battery (Guide for iPhone 6S) won’t last for a full day and you tried all the recommended tricks online to fix your battery drains and still get no result? we think this is the right time for you to replace your iPhone 6 battery with new one, you can purchase it from amazon, below is our simple DIY guide for you to do the iPhone 6 battery replacement:

Step 1: Buy Your iPhone 6 Battery replacement Kit.

This kit is packed with essential tools needed for the replacement of battery such as the following:

  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver
  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Suction cup
  • Plastic opening tool
  • Battery adhesive
  • New iPhone 6 battery

It is important to note that almost all of the screws placed and used on your iPhone 6 are  different lengths and will need different screwdrivers. They should be placed in one side separately so they will not mix together. The new battery is a Li-Po 1810 mAh Battery (6.9 Wh), and it is 100% guaranteed non-refurbished.

Step 2: Turn off your iPhone 6

Start the battery replacement by turning off the unit. Make sure that it is not on when you remove the battery and all the other parts to prevent the unit from being damaged. Apple reiterates the importance of turning off the phone before detaching anything from it.

Step 3: Unscrew the Pentalobe Screws

iphone 6 battery replacement kit

On both sides of the Lightning port, the Pentalobe screws are placed. Unscrew them using the Pentalobe screwdriver included in the kit and set aside in a safe place. Make sure that the screws will not be misplaced or mixed with other screws.

The Pentalobe screws are the only screws to detach when opening the iPhone 6 unit and the last screws to put back when closing the unit.

Step 4: Use the suction cup to lift the panel


Lifting up the panel is not an easy task. To do it easily and safely, the use of a suction cup is helpful. Just place it on top of the panel above the home button, and press it to suction the panel and lift. Hold the other end of the phone, specifically the upper part, with one hand and let the other hand lift the cup.

The panel will lift up little by little because it is tightly glued to the case, thus require careful but strong lifting up or pulling up of the panel through the cup.

Step 5: Use plastic tool

lifiphone6 Pry open the panel from the case by using the plastic tool. Be careful when prying on the inner part to detach the panel from the case so that touching the other parts inside the unit will be avoided.

Step 6: Remove the suction cup

iphone 6 battery replacement

When the panel is already detached from the case, it is time to remove the suction cup. The plastic nub on the cup is designed as such so that the vacuum from the cup will be released easily. Once the vacuum is released, the cup can be pulled off from the panel.

Step 7: Lift up the front panel to 90 Degrees

To work on the unit, lift up the panel up to 90 degrees angle only and make sure that it will not go far more than that to prevent the unit from being damaged. Since the panel is still attached to the other end of the unit, be careful in pulling up the panel.

Let it stay at the 90 degrees position by tying it to a soda can or to a box so that it will not fall down when you work on the unit.

Step 8: Locate and remove the Screws that connect the battery to the unit

When the unit is open, locating the screws is easier. The 2.2mm screw and 3.2mm screw are the screws that connect the battery to the unit. With a Phillips screwdriver, remove these two screws and keep them in a separate place for later use. Do not mix them with the other screws so that it will be easier for you to bring them back again after the battery is replaced.

Step 9: Remove the metal connector bracket

When the screws are removed from the connector, the metal bracket is the next part that has to be removed from the unit. This metal bracket is the one covering and protecting the battery connector. When it is removed, place it together with the two screws removed in step 8.

Step 10: Remove the screws and metal bracket connecting the screen to the unit

To remove the battery safely, the screen connectors should be removed first. There are 5 screws that hold the metal bracket: the 1.2mm screws in 3 pieces, the 1.7mm screw, and the 3.1mm screw.

When you unscrew them using the screwdriver, place them in one side together with the metal bracket so that they will not mix together with the other screws. Be extra careful when you remove the metal to prevent damage to other parts of the unit.

Step 11: Pry up the battery connector from the socket

With the Spudger or a flat plastic tool, pry up the battery connector from the socket. This is located near the logic board, which is why prying this up from the unit requires special care to avoid contacting the logic board.

Step 12: Disconnect the sensor and camera cable from the connectors

With the flat plastic tool or a Spudger, pry up the cable connectors connecting the front-facing camera and the sensor to disconnect the cables from the unit. It should be done carefully to avoid touching the logic board.

Step 13: Disconnect the home button connector

Disconnect the connector that connects the home button to the unit using the plastic pry tool or a Spudger. With extra care, avoid affecting the logic board when you disconnect the cables.

Step 14: Disconnect the display data connector

Disconnect the display data connector using the flat end Spudger or the plastic pry tool. Do this carefully to avoid the tool from touching the logic board. When connecting it back again after replacing the battery, the display data may not be reassembled properly which may result in a blank screen or white lines. This can be resolved by simply connecting the cables again.

Step 15: Disconnect the digitizer cable connector

Disconnect the digitizer cable connector by using the Spudger or the plastic tool to pry up the cables. Keep the center untouched to prevent it from being damaged or affected. Take note that the digitizer is sensitive and can be easily damaged if touched or contacted.

Step 16: Disconnect and remove the front panel from the unit

After disconnecting all the cables and connectors, carefully disconnect and remove the front panel from the unit. Put it on the side in a safe place, or on top of a clean cloth to prevent the panel and the glass screen from being damaged.

Step 17: Peel off the adhesive tab from the battery

Using tweezers and your fingers, pull off the adhesive tab from the right edge part of the battery. Never prick or puncture the battery on any side when trying to peel off the tab because it may cause the battery from leaking poisonous chemical.

Step 18: Pull off the adhesive strip

From under the battery, pull off the adhesive strip through the tab on the right bottom edge. Let it slide under the battery from the bottom part to the upper. Do it slowly but firmly so that the adhesive strip will not rip off. But when it does, retrieve the strips left from the ripped one and continue pulling it off the unit. Do the same thing on the left tab.

Step 19: Flip up the battery from the unit

Now that the adhesive is removed from the battery and the unit, you can easily flip up the battery using the plastic flip card. It should be noted that only a flat plastic flip card is to be used and never use a crooked or curved card to avoid puncturing the battery.

Step 20: Remove the old battery and replace it with a new one

Remove the battery and replace it with the new one, but make sure that the old one is disposed of properly to avoid leakage of battery chemical. Follow the instructions on how to put the adhesive strips into the battery.

Step 21: Reassemble the unit

The last step is to reassemble the unit by doing the steps backwards.


One of the issues commonly raised regarding the use of the iPhone 6 unit is the short life of the battery. It is good that the Apple now provides battery replacement kit at an affordable price for owners who want to replace the battery with new one. Instead of buying a new unit, replacing the battery is more practical because it only costs a few dollars.

Battery replacement can be difficult to do for some who are not familiar with the procedure. There are many authorized repair centers where the replacement is done. When you opt to replace the battery by yourself, the kit also provides instructions that can be easily followed.


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