iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Kit and Repair Guide

Are you looking for an iPhone 5 battery replacement kit? if yes we recommended this one on amazon, I’m sure you need a step by step guide? if yes you have come to the right place If your iPhone 5 battery is already inefficient in its power, and you are no longer under the warranty period we have the right replacement guide for you, find below our step by step guide to self-replace your iPhone 5 Battery successfully.

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Video Guide

 Step 1: Protect the Glass Display

In case there is a crack in the glass display, contain it first by taping it with a clear packing tape. When the display is lifted up from the phone, the tape will keep the glass intact while it provides integral support to the display.


Step 2: Remove the screws

Next to the Lightning connector, the 3.6 mm Pentalobe screw is located. Remove the screw using the P2 Pentalobe screwdriver.

iphone 5 battery replacement

Step 3: Pull the Display

The display of the iPhone 5 is composed of a glass screen and a plastic bezel and metal clips.

  • Pull the display up from the phone using a tool. Make sure that the entire display is pulled up.
  • Once you notice that the glass starts to separate from the plastic, use the plastic opening tool to slide in between the plastic frame of the phone and the metal frame.
  • When you reassemble this part, put a thin adhesive tape to keep the phone closed.


Step 4: iSclack Opening Procedure

For people like you who prefer to do the iPhone 5 battery replacement and other repairs by yourself, the iSclack is the tool that you can use for different repairs of iPhones. If you are using the iSclack Opening tool, follow these procedures. If you prefer not to use this tool, skip to Step 6.


  • Close the handles of the iSclack to open the jaws of the suction cups.
  • Position the iPhone in between the suction cups and against the plastic depth gauge. Make sure that the top of the suction cup is resting above the home button.
  • To press the suction cups firmly into the display and into the rear case, close the jaws and open the handles of the iSclack tool.

Step 5: Lift the Display

  • To lift the display, hold the phone securely and press the handle of the iSclack tool to close the jaws. This will pull the front panel and the rear case from the phone.
  • With the iSclack tool, the phone is opened safely and the display is separated securely from the phone without damaging the parts.
  • When the display is lifted and pulled up, peel the suction cups from the phone.


Note: Skip to step 7 if you are using the iSclack tool.

Step 6:  Manual Opening Procedure

If you prefer to do it manually, without the use of the iSclack tool, these are the steps:


  • Put the suction cup just above the home button onto the screen and press it firmly. Make sure it is tightly sealed.
  • In case of broken display or glass screen, the suction cups will not be able to get a tight hold on it. You will need to tape the screen first so that the broken glass will not scatter.
  • When the suction cup is firmly pressed on the front panel, pull up and lift the panel by holding down the other end of the phone.
  • With the plastic opening tool, pry opens the rear panel and separate it from the rear case. Make sure that the tool will not touch or contact any other internal parts of the phone.
  • Detach the clips surrounding the front panel assembly to open and lift up the panel.

Step 7: Pull up the display assembly to open the phone

  • Let the upper part of the phone remain attached to it. Do not remove the front panel from the phone completely because there are cables still connected on the upper part.
  • Lean the display onto something when you open it to a 90-degree angle. Use a rubber band to tie it to a canned soda to keep it open when you work on the phone.


Step 8: Remove the screws connecting the battery to the board

There are two screws that hold the metal battery connector bracket to the logic board.

  • 1.8 mm Phillips screw
  • 1.6 mm Phillips screw


Remove the metal bracket from the iPhone and put in a safe place.

Step 9: Pry up the battery connectormanual

  • Use the plastic opening tool to pry open the battery connector from the socket on the logic board.
  • Avoid breaking any of the parts or cables when you pry the battery connector.

Step 10: Remove the screws connecting the front panel to the logic board

There are two screws that hold the front panel assembly cable to the logic board.

  • 1.2 mm Phillips screw
  • 1.6 mm Phillips screw

manualPut the screws in a safe place. Note that these screws are not attracted the magnetized screwdriver.

Step 11: Unhook the display cable from the phone

  • Towards the battery, lift the display cable bracket and unhook it.
  • Remove it from the phone and set aside in a safe place.


Step 12: Disconnect all the cables

Use the plastic opening tool.

Disconnect the following cables in the front panel.

  • Front-facing camera and sensor cable
  • LCD cable
  • Digitizer cable


Step 13: Completely detach the front panel assembly from the rear case


Step 14: Remove the adhesive that connects the battery to the case

  • Peel the adhesive from the battery by pulling off the clear plastic tab.
  • In case the adhesive is too tough to peel, you can use the iOpener or a hair dryer to heat up the rear case of the phone. The heat will cause the adhesive strips to soften for easy peeling.
  • In case the adhesive tab breaks when you pull, heat it up with a hair dryer or with the iOpener. Make sure that the upper part of the battery is not heated up because it might damage the volume control cables.


Step 15: Remove the battery


Step 16: Replace the battery with new one

Step 17: Reassemble the iPhone

  • Do the instruction in the reverse order to reassemble phone.

Step 18: Calibrate the newly installed battery

  • Drain the battery to below 10% before charging completely without any interruption.

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